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NASA FOIA Requests


The Freedom of Information Act creates procedures whereby members of the public may obtain NASA records.
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 FY2010 Annual Report (.pdf)
 FY2010 Annual Report (.xml)
 Annual Reports FY1999-Present


Ames Research Center Headquarters
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Ames Research Center Ames Research Center
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Ames Research Center Dryden Flight Research Center
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Glenn Research Center Glenn Research Center
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Goddard Space Flight Center Goddard Space Flight Center
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Jet Propulsion Laboratory Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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Johnson Space Center Johnson Space Center
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Kennedy Space Center Kennedy Space Center
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Langley Research Center Langley Research Center
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Marshall Space Flight Center Marshall Space Flight Center
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NASA Shared Services Center NASA Shared Services Center
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Office of Inspector General Office of Inspector General
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Stennis Space Center Stennis Space Center
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STS-107 Patch FOIA Documents Related to Columbia
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Chief FOIA Officer Reports
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Annual FOIA Reports
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NASA's FOIA Improvement Plan with Modification
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    Modification 2
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    EO 13392 Updated Status
    Report (August 1, 2007)

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 Backlog Reduction Goals
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