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Research Journal | (just some notes)
April 6 2014 | Published: April 12 2014 (in research)

The following messages i found on a forum and caught my interest because they were posted starting March 10 2014, only 2 days after Malaysian Flight MH370 went missing on March 8 with 239 passengers on board, claiming classified inside information from a reliable inside source of both MAS and the Malaysian government, and posted "in fright of terror".

Could this be what's behind Malaysia's conflicting messages and secrecy and the reason why no debris is found yet, or is it just the poster's fantasy?


The "source" is the posters housemate who's dad is a pilot and was a colleague of captain Zahari untill now, who shared a room while training in the 80's. Both known as the pioneers of MAS pilot captains according the poster.
The poster claims on March 10 2014 that the plane did not crash. It safely landed in an undisclosed location, all passengers are still alive. (a clue is the boy who called his brother, and no one picked up (?), the poster says). Malaysia government knows about this and they are on their way to save the passengers and if possible their aircraft as well. The Chinese passengers on board and the 2 stolen passports on board have a linkage as well. There are "VIPs" on board of that flight. And there is this 1 nation that would like to get their hands on the VIPs. Bourgandy compares the situation simular to the movie "Taken" minus the bargain of s*x slave.

The Malaysian government is claimed to have prepared a special TAG Team to save the lives of the MH370 passengers and to avoid conflict with other unwanted "intervention". Malaysia is known for their "behind the scene" missions the poster continues and gives as an example;

"When Tun Mahathir established a special operation team to claim back 3 major companies from the UK. (Sime Darby, Golden Hope, Guthrie). The London Dawn Raid operation of Tun Mahathir.
It was done quietly and only to be notice by the queen (Tatcher) weeks later".

The poster claims it's the same thing of what Malaysia's government is doing and Tun Mahathir is quiet because he is partly involved in this rescue mission behind the scene.
Other countries offer their help for the search, the poster says, but Malaysia only requests help from Indonesia to cover the search in the straits of malacca for widening the search. The government is doing their best to first get the passengers safely back home. At the same time the government is under pressure of other nations that the government might cause mishaps by accident in which can trigger war*.
That's why they have to lie to the press, according the poster.

* United States 1998, Australia 1993, Israel, Singapore 1983
In the media
March 10 2014: ‘Iranian man booked tickets for pair who used stolen passports on MH370'
(Note: news about the stolen passports first came out on March 8)
March 11 + 13, 2014 Claim: Victim's sister received missed calls on March 11 and March 13 from her younger brother via Skype on her iPad after the aircraft went missing on March 8 - Read more | Source | Translation
March 11 2014 12 p.m: Life Raft Found at Port Dickinson | New Straits Times (english) | google maps
On Tuesday March 11 2014, Malaysian media reported that the air force chief had said the plane was spotted by military radar at 2.40am close to a tiny island in the Strait of Malacca - to the west of the peninsula - and Malaysia Airlines suggested the flight might have been trying to head back to Kuala Lumpur, the airport from which it took off. The fact the timing coincided with the airline's initial statements made people question how long the military had known of a possible sighting.
On Wednesday March 12 2014 the air force chief then denied making the remark - though he did not say whether or not there had been a sighting at 2.40am - and posited a third possible last sighting, by military radar, at 2.15am, 200 miles northwest of Penang - in other words, far north of any previous sightings, off the coast of Thailand.
Adding to confusion even further, on Thursday March 14 2014 a Malaysian envoy to Beijing told families the last sighting was at 2.40am in the Malacca Strait - as previously suggested.
This appears to be the key issue: the 2.15am and 2.40am sightings are on military radar, which detects and can approximately identify civilian aircraft, but does not communicate with them as civil radar would do. So on its own, this data says that a plane like the one that has gone missing was detected - but cannot establish for certain that the plane was MH370. It needs to be cross-checked with other information - such as what other flights would have been in the area, and whether there are any other readings of the craft between the military radar plot and its last definite location (over the South China Sea). The civil aviation chief has also noted that the plane might have been able to fly below the radar.
Unfortunately, the Malaysian authorities have offered no details or clarification at this stage so it is unclear how far they have got in confirming or dismissing the various sightings

On March 12 2014 11:42 PM Bourgandy states:

Guys... I have some bad news....

Flight MH370 were crashed along the Selat Melaka , reaching nearby Indonesia border. 230 people were confirmed dead . Another 9 is either missing or been treated to nearby undisclosed location.

I got this info from my sis. She texted me saying that she received a " memo " from the ATM (Angkatan Tentera Malaysia) . In that memo, what its written were " Sediakan 230 beg mayat dan hantar ke pangkalan " something like that about the body bag for the dead.

About the nelayan found the life raft were also true. It is identical as the one i saw from my sisters bf fb page ( sis bf used to work for MAS, hence he got a picture of the training going on with the raft ).

This is really2 sad... seems like the negotiation gone wrong, and the hijacker (super power country) wanted to leave no trace of evidence, hence the crash of our flight MAS MH370.

I hope people can dish out other theories of flight fuselage failure, decompression of fuselage and radar not working and all. It is all due to of sabotage that Msia received for no reason. We sort of being blackmail by other country for their personal agenda WITH other country.


Angkatan Tentera Malaysia: Armed forces Malaysia
Sediakan 230 beg mayat dan hantar ke pangkalan: Prepare 230 body bags and sent to the base
nelayan: Fisherman

In the media
March 12 2014 10 a.m: Unidentified body found Batu Bara, North Sumatra on March 12 2014 10 a.m , the body has been in the ocean for 2 days. Its a male body wearing shirts, blue jeans and no shoes. It's not a fisherman. Its unclear if he's related to the missing plane.
Published: Thursday March 13, 2014 MYT 11:07:00 AM: Shahidan to fly to undisclosed location late thursday morning to verify possible sightings of the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370

March 16, 2014: Debris found at Straits of Malacca
Elka Athina, a barge heading to Suez was alerted by Indonesian authorities over radio, warning them that they were ‘approaching a field of debris' (floating suitcases), the tanker had sailed passed the debris field at about 9.30pm March 16 2014 (Malaysia Time) + A twitter user, Richard Barrow, posted a satellite image of ‘a potential crash site' and ‘possible floating seats' on the surface of the ocean at coordinate 5°39'08.0"N 98°50'38.0"E.
(New Straits Times)

The Greek tanker ELKA Athina detected some suspicious objects yesterday - grrepoter.info

Greek ship received message objects from Boeing lost at sea - iefimerda.gr (translation)

What did the second officer of «ELKA Athina» in iefimerida do on the alert for objects from Boeing in water - iefimerda.gr (translation) |

Listen to the second officer of ELKA Athina (in Greek)
Track Elka Athina | Elka Athina

March 17, 2014: The Greek ELKA Athina could not find traces of the fatal flight MH370 grreporter.info | iefimerda.gr

Information Links
  Definition TAG Team: an activity where the participants take turns participating as team members.
  Movie: Taken (summary: When his estranged daughter is kidnapped in Paris, a former spy sets out to find her at any cost. Relying on his special skills, he tracks down the ruthless gang that abducted her and launches a one-man war to bring them to justice and rescue his daughter.
  Tun Mahathir | Dawn Raids | Dawn Raids London | The Dawn Raids
  March 10 2014: ‘Iranian man booked tickets for pair who used stolen passports on MH370'
(Note: news about the stolen passports first came out on March 8)

  March 11 + 13, 2014 Claim: Victim's sister received missed calls on March 11 and March 13 from her younger brother via Skype on her iPad after the aircraft went missing on March 8 - Read more | Source | Translation
  March 11 2014 12 p.m: Life Raft Found at Port Dickinson | New Straits Times (english) | google maps


  March 12 2014 10 a.m: Unidentified body found Batu Bara, North Sumatra on March 12 2014 10 a.m , the body has been in the ocean for 2 days. Its a male body wearing shirts, blue jeans and no shoes. It's not a fisherman. Its unclear if he's related to the missing plane.
  Shahidan to fly to undisclosed location to verify sightings


Bourgandy Join Date: Dec 2011 Location: Shah Alam / Brighton
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#141 | page March 10 2014 01:00 pm
Definition TAG Team: an activity where the participants take turns participating as team members.
#145 | page March 10 2014 01:24 pm
Movie: Taken
#149 | page March 10 2014 01:33 pm
#154 | page March 10 2014 01:58 pm
Tun Mahathir | Dawn Raids | Dawn Raids London | The Dawn Raids
#156 | page March 10 2014 02:09 pm
#162 | page March 10 2014 03:53 pm
Notes Passengerlist

- Passengerlist MH370

- Two men from Austria and Italy, listed among the passengers on a missing Malaysia Airlines flight, are not in fact on board. They say their passports were stolen
- There is a brisk global trade in passports and other false or stolen travel documents. There are millions of such documents in use for a wide variety of reasons.
The two such documents being used were under the names Christian Kozel (Austria) and Luigi Maraldi (Italy). Both passports were stolen in Thailand at different times. China was not the final destination of the individuals using these passports on the missing Malaysia airlines flight. They were changing planes in Beijing to a KLM flight to continuing on to Amsterdam, that same day. Once in Amsterdam, "Maraldi" was holding tickets to continue on to Copenhagen, Denmark. "Kozel" was booked through to Frankfurt, Germany. All flights were booked for March 8th. Source, which was the carrier that would complete the journey.
- The two men boarded jet with stolen passports as Iranians, aged 18 and 29, had entered Malaysia using their real passports. The younger man appeared to be an illegal immigrant. His mother was waiting for him in Frankfurt and had been in contact with authorities.
- Interpol confirmed yesterday (March 11?) that Iranian nationals Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad, 19, and Delavar Seyed Mohammadreza, 29, travelled to Malaysia on their Iranian passports before switching to the stolen Austrian and Italian documents.
- The two Iranians were traveling with stolen passports consecutively numbered tickets - 7842280116099 and 7842280116100 that were bought at the same time. Both passports were stolen in Thailand over the last two years.

- 20 employees of Freescale Semiconductor were confirmed passengers aboard of MH370 - Freescale Semiconductor is an American company that produces and designs embedded hardware, with 17 billion semiconductor chips in use around the world. The company focuses on the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets with its product portfolio including microprocessors , microcontrollers , digital signal processors , digital signal controllers, sensors, RF power ICs and power management ICs. In addition, the company offers software and development tools to support product development. The company also holds an extensive patent portfolio, including approximately 6,100 patent families. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas with design, research and development, manufacturing and sales operations in more than 20 countries. Freescale is currently ranked 7th among the semiconductor sales leaders in the United States and is ranked 16th worldwide.

- Paul Weeks was on the missing flight MH370 as he made his way to new job
Before leaving he had taken 'lots of photos' of his family, his wife has said
She said he left her his wedding ring and watch in case something happened

March 19 2014 02:22:38 Claim: Passenger of MH370 "Philip Wood" sents message + photo from hidden iPhone claimimg MH370 was Hijacked

Research Update April 2, 2014

Image: Message:

help Anonymous Wed Mar 19 2014 02:22:38
I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly. Source Article | StorySource | Message Source



Image Feautures: (only added specified)
Taken: 18-03-2014 20:49
Program name: 7.0.6
Image id: 412f1198c985b43b2eced4067e9360d0
Size: 240x320
Wide: 240 pixels
Hight: 320 pixels
Bitdepth: 24
Horizontal Resolution: 72 dpi
Vertical Resolution: 72 dpi
Unit resolution: 2
Color: sRGB
Camera manufacturer: Apple
Camera Model: iPhone 5
F-stop: f/2.4
Exposure time: 1/15 sec.
ISO speed: ISO-3200
Focal length: 4 mm
Metering mode: Pattern
Flashmodus: No flash, compulsary flash
35mm focal length: 66
Advanced features  
Brightness: -8.4672531769305959
Exposure program: normal
White balance: Automatic
EXIF-version: 0221
Latitude: 7; 18; 58.308906555175781
Longitude: 72; 25; 35.55908203125
Name: 1395192158752.jpg

Item type:


Look up :
-7 18 58.3 LATITUDE
72 25 35.5 LONGITUDE
(coordinates: -7.316194, 72.426555 via google maps)
Zoom in and you will see where the photo originated http://goo.gl/maps/TcXyJ

EXIF - Exchangeable Image File Format
Diego Garcia

Research Note: be aware that there are a few simple ways to change the location without the program name being adopted into the modified exif language. Download the app mappr on iphone, you can take a picture or an old one, then change the location of it and save it down. It does not show the adopted program name mappr on the exif after. Go to www.findexif.com to test the data yourself. It can put photos anywhere in the world matching the same data as the alleged Philip Wood photo. So this doesn't prove its authenticy.

Also Read:

Geolocation See also: Geotagging
The Exif format has standard tags for location information. As of 2014 many cameras and most mobile phones have a built-in GPS receiver that stores the location information in the Exif header when a picture is taken. Some other cameras have a separate GPS receiver that fits into the flash connector or hot shoe . Recorded GPS data can also be added to any digital photograph on a computer, either by correlating the time stamps of the photographs with a GPS record from a hand-held GPS receiver or manually by using a map or mapping software. The process of adding geographic information to a photograph is known as geotagging . Photo-sharing communities like Panoramio , locr or Flickr equally allow their users to upload geocoded pictures or to add geolocation information online. Read more

Philip Wood  

Philip Wood, Technical Storage Executive at IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd
51, of the U.S., was an IBM executive from Texas who had been living in Beijing. He was set to relocate to the Malaysia capital of Kuala Lumpur, and the flight was supposed to mark his last trip to China.

More about Philip Wood >>

Passengerlist MH370 >> (No. 171 on Passengerlist)


Calculated with TravelMath
Flight time & Distance Kuala Lumpur Malaysia - Beijing China
The flight time from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China is:
5 hours, 53 minutes

The flight distance from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China is:
2,692 miles / 4,333 km
Time difference: Beijing, China is the same time as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Flight time & Distance Kuala Lumpur Malaysia - Male, Maledives
The flight time from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Male, Maldives is:
4 hours, 24 minutes

The flight distance from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Male, Maldives is:
1,948 miles / 3,135 km
Time difference: Male, Maldives is 3 hours behind Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Flight time & Distance Male, Maledives - Diego Garcia
The flight time from Male, Maldives to Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory is:
2 hours, 5 minutes

The flight distance from Male, Maldives to Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory is: 792 miles / 1,275 km
Time difference: Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory is 1 hour ahead of Male, Maldives.
Kuala Lumpur - Beijing: 5 hours, 53 minutes | 2,692 miles / 4,333 km
Kuala Lumpur - Maledives: 4 hours, 24 minutes | 1,948 miles / 3,135 km
Maledives - Diego Garcia: 4 hours, 24 minutes + 2 hours, 5 minutes = 6 hours, 29 min | 1,948 miles / 3,135 km + 792 miles / 1,275 km = 2740 miles / 4,410 km
Maximum Fuel Capacity for a Boeing 777-200ER: 45,220 U.S. gal (171,170 L)
Maximim Range: 7,725 nautical miles (14,305 km)
Fuel consumption: For a 2 hour flight in a 777, you are looking at "roughly" 14,000 kg/32,000 lbs

Sighting Claims | See google map
March 8 2014, 1:30 Sighting Claim:"Pada 8/03/2014 Jam lebihkurang 0130HRS saya bersama kawan saya nama panggilan "Pader Rohim" semasa sedang memancing di Kuala Besar, Badang telah ternampak lampu sebuah pesawat melalui lokasi kami, lampu tersebut adalah dari sebuah kapal terbang saya merasa hairan kerana pesawat tersebut terbang agak rendah dari kebiasaan pesawat lain yang saya selalu nampak sebelum ini. Pesawat tersebut kelihatan terbang dibawah awan dari arah laluan keluar negara. Selepas balik rumah pada siang hari saya dapat tahu ada satu kapal terbang dari syarikat MAS telah hilang. Sekian laporan saya." Source

Translation: On 8/03/2014 Time 0130HRS be about me with my friend's nickname" Pader Rohim "while fishing in Kuala Besar, Grabber has noticed the lights of an aircraft through our location, lighting is from a plane I was puzzled because the aircraft a bit low from the norm of other aircraft I always saw before. airplane seems to fly under the cloud of the passage out of the country. Upon return home during the day I learned that there is a plane from the MAS has been lost. Yours is my report. "
March 8 2014, 1:30 Sighting claim: Kota Bharu, Malaysia Source
March 8 2014 MISSING MH370: Pilot: I established contact with plane - New Straits Times
March 8 2014, 1:45 a.m. Kampung Kadok, Ketereh - Man claims he saw plane descending NewStraitsTimes | More
March 8 2014,
1:30 & 1:45 a.m.
Two Men Claim to Have Seen Plane Plunging into Sea - about 14.4 km (8.9 miles) from Kuala Besar in Pantai Cahaya Bulan & About 30 km (18.6 miles) away from Kota Baru - ibt
March 8 2014 10:30 a.m. Sighting Claim: Eight villagers here lodged police reports today claiming that they had heard a loud noise last Saturday coming from the direction of Pulau Kapas.- New Straits Times
March 8 2014 Sighting claim: Oil rig off Vietnam read more | more
March 8 2014 06.15 a.m. Sighting claim: Kudahuvadhoo, Dhaalu-atol, Central Province, Maldives Haveeru Online | Read more | Read more
March 8 2014 8:30 a.m. Sighting claim: from passenger of flight SV2058 flying over Indian Ocean read more
March 9 2014, 11 a.m. Sighting claim: Off Indonesia coast Source
March 11 2014, 12 p.m. Sighting Claim: A group of fishermen found a life raft bearing the word “Boarding” 10 nautical miles from Port Dickson town at 12pm - New Straits Times
March 11+13 2014 Victim's sister received missed calls on March 11 and March 13 from her younger brother via Skype on her iPad after the aircraft went missing on March 8 Read more | Source | Translation
March 12 2014, 10 a.m. Fishermen Find Bodies in the waterway - Batu Bara, North Sumatra on March 12 2014 The unidentified e body has been in the ocean for 2 days. Its a male body wearing shirts, blue jeans and no shoes. It's not a fisherman. Its unclear if he's related to the missing plane.
March 18 2014, 8:49 p.m Claim: Passenger of MH370 "Philip Wood" sents message + photo from hidden iPhone tracing back to secret U.S. military base Diego Garcia' claimimg MH370 was Hijacked (message: I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.)
Article | Source | Message Source
March 24 2014 Unknown object found in Baarah in Haa Alif Atoll of the Maldives is "very likely" to be a fire suppression bottle from an aircraft, local aviation experts said on Wednesday March 26. Haveeru Online
  Note: none of the sighting claims is substantiated by authorities
  MISSING MH370: Phone number is a US number, not China ( New Straits Times)
MISSING MH370: Fishermen find life raft near PD ( New Straits Times)
MISSING MH370: Loud noise reported, believed linked to missing plane ( New Straits Times)
MISSING MH370: Kelantan police received 4 reports on plane sighting ( New Straits Times)
MISSING MH370: Terengganu police receive report on explosion in Marang ( New Straits Times)
MH370 girlfriend talks of claims that plane was followed by fighter jets
Unidentified body found Coal Country, North Sumatra on March 12 2014, the body had been in the sea for 2 days
#171 | page March 10 2014 04:44 pm
March 11 + 13, 2014 Victim's sister received missed calls on March 11 and March 13 from her younger brother via Skype on her iPad after the aircraft went missing on March 8 Read more | Source | Translation
#177 | page March 10 2014 05:33 pm
#179 | page March 10 2014 05:36 pm
#182 | page March 10 2014 06:07 pm
#185 | page March 10 2014 11:40 pm
#188 | page March 11 2014 02:13 am
#238 | page March 11 2014 10:38 pm

Unidentified body found Coal Country, North Sumatra on March 12 2014 10 a.m , the body has been in the ocean for 2 days. Its a male body wearing shirts, blue jeans and no shoes. It's not a fisherman. Its unclear if he's related to the missing plane.

#288 | page March 12 2014 11:42 pm
Life Raft Found at Port Dickinson | New Straits Times (english) | google maps
Shahidan to fly to undisclosed location to verify sightings
#290 | page March 13 2014 12:01 am
#295 | page March 13 2014 01:34 am
From the same forum: #332 | page
Got this from Kapten Norudin (fans?) FB

Baca dan Fikir sejenak. Jangan membuat sebarang spekulasi. Betul atau tidak ? Wallahua'lam.

Received by e-mail

1) adakah MAS merahsiakan perbualan antara perisik XXX dengan menara kawalan kepada kerajaan, rakyat malaysia dan seluruh dunia? kenapa nak rahsiakan?? adakah takut sebab kawalan keselamatan terlalu longgar? kenapa setelah sejam lebih pesawat hilang dari radar, tapi mereka masih lagi berkomunikasi dengan pesawat?? apa isi perbualan mereka??

2) radar untuk tujuan komersial tidak secanggih seperti untuk tujuan ketenteraan.. maka radar jammer dari pasar gelap sudah memadai untuk "menghilangkan" pesawat dari radar di menar kawalan subang

3) setelah "menghilangkan" pesawat dari radar, pesawat patah balik untuk ke destinasi XXX (destinasi ini saya tidak pasti di mana), pesawat terus berlegar di ruang udara malaysia, iaitu di kawasan banjaran titiwangsa selama sejam lebih sambil masih lagi "berunding" dengan menara kawalan..

4) kenapa pertahanan malaysia tidak dapat kesan pesawat itu ketika berlegar di udara banjaran titiwangsa? kerana di situ pertahanan udara kita paling lemah..

5) rundingan dengan menara kawalan gagal setelah 2 jam lebih.. perisik XXX putuskan hubungan dengan menara kawalan di subang.. perisik XXX terus menerbangkan pesawat ke lokasi XXX

6) saya gunakan istilah "perisik" kerana hijacker ini bukannya pengganas, tapi seorang perisik dari negara XXX (antara kuasa besar dunia).. sebab itulah sehingga sekarang tiada pengakuan dan tuntutan di media massa.. semua rundingan adalah secara tertutup antara pemimpin negara kuasa besar..

7) ketika pesawat bergerak ke lokasi XXX, perisik tiba-tiba menukar laluan, dan pesawat didapati terbang di selat melaka, menuju ke utara (thailand).. ketika ini, radar pertahanan udara malaysia dapat mengesan kehadiran pesawat asing ini (kerana pertahanan udara malaysia di selat melaka adalah lebih baik dari di pantai timur dan banjaran titiwangsa)..

8) tetapi pihak pertahanan masih lagi clueless tentang rampasan ini, kerana pihak menara kawalan TIDAK PERNAH MEMAKLUMKAN KEPADA KERAJAAN DAN KEMENTERIAN PERTAHAAN

9) pesawat terus menuju ke thailand.. thailand dapat tahu dan terus memaklumkan kepada seluruh ketenteraan mereka, termasuk pangkalan udara milik amerika di thailand (lokasi rahsia)

10) ketika pihak thailand cuba menghubungi pesawat MAS tersebut, perisik XXX cuba menipu dengan mengatakan pesawat mereka tersesat..jet amerika cuba intercept dan tembak pesawat, tetapi perisik XXX cuba berunding dengan amerika dn thailand

11) ketika rundingan di nanning, kerajaan malaysia TIDAK TAHU MENAHU pasal ini.. rundingan hanyalah melalui negara XXX, YYY, ZZZ dan mungkin beberapa negara lain

12) pihak MAS baru maklumkan kepada umum pesawat MH370 hilang setelah benar-benar pesawat itu disahkan tidak mendarat di beijing (jam 7 pagi lebih).. kenapa lambat sangat nak sahkan MAS?? kamu ingat perampas itu main-main ke??

13) ketika ini barulah kerajaan malaysia maklum dan seluruh dunia gempar dengan berita ini.. akibat kurangnya maklumat dari pihak MAS (pesawat tiba-tiba hilang, tak ada sebarang petanda) maka kerajaan mulakan SAR agak lambat..

14) saya tidak pasti sampai bila baru pemimpin negara malaysia dimaklumkan perkara sebenar oleh negara XXX,YYY dan ZZZ.. DS Najib cuma mengikut arahaan dari negara XXX, YYY, dan ZZZ untuk kumpul keluarga mangsa, cari di situ, cari di sini, buat itu buat ini.. tapi rasanya sekarang mereka sudah dimaklumkan..

15)TIADA APA-APA YANG BERLAKU DI LAUT CINA SELATAN.. tiada.. semua penemuan kononnya debris, tompokan minyak, claim dari navy negara XYZ kononnya dah jumpa bangkai dll adalah..... saya tidak pasti dan tidak berani nak buat andaian.. yang pasti negara2 kuasa besar dah hantar armada ketenteraan mereka di kawasan yang kononnya tempat pesawat terhempas

16) malaysia serta negara lain yang "tak tahu apa-apa" meneruskan usaha mencari.. ketenteraan kita BARU PERASAN mereka pernah kesan satu pesawat asing di selat melaka (adakah saya yang ingatkan mereka hahahaha) maka mereka terus membuat pencarian di selat melaka, kerana andaian mereka di situlah kali terakhir malaysia mengesan pesawat itu

17) ketika jet amerika hampir memintas pesawat MAS di thailand, perisik XXX berunding dengan negara amerika agar "melepaskan" pesawat itu dan memaklumkan pesawat itu adalah pesawat komersial dan mengandugi 200 lebih penumpang 19) amerika bersetuju, mungkin ada yang pelik mengapa USA boleh bersetuju dengan mudah.. ini kerana perisik itu BUKANNYA PENGGANAS tetapi dari negara XXX.. pihak amerika memaklumkan kejadian ini kepada negara XXX, dan negara XXX mengesahkannya..pada mulanya amerika demand pesawat itu mendarat di thailand, tetapi akhirnya terpaksa akur permintaan perisik XXX untuk mendarat di nanning.. kenapa nanning?? saya belum mahu hurai lebih lanjut..

18) dipendekkan cerita, ketika mendarat di nanning, sepatutnya pendaratan MH370 di nanning dirahsiakan, tetapi terbocor juga oleh beberapa orang pegawai lapangan terbang yang tidak dimaklumkan terlebih dahulu tentang pendaratan cemas ini serta MISI RAHSIA negara XXX.. akhirnya cerita pendaratan pesawat MH370 di nanning berjaya diputarbelitkan sebagai hoax

19) apa isi rundingan?? mengelakkan PERANG DUNIA KETIGA

20) ketika rundingan, negara XXX mengugut untuk melancarkan perang dunia ketiga seandainya misi mereka ini dibocorkan.. negara YYY, ZZZ dan beberapa negara lain (saya yakin malaysia tidak terlibat dalam rundingan ini) terpaksa bersetuju

21) jadi, apakah sebenarnya tujuan pesawat itu dihijack?? sebenarnya hijack itu hanyalah backup plan dari perisik XXX seandainya identiti dan operasi beliau berjaya dikesan oleh perisik dari negara lain yang turut sama berada di dalam pesawat tersebut.. semalam saya ada dedahkan salah satu nombor passport perisik iaitu YA3189197, nama pemilik passport ini ialah luigi miraldi, tetapi didapati passport ini adalah passport curi (cepat sungguh negara mereka tutup cerita)

22) saya ada terbaca berita dari china, di mana ahli keluarga cuba hubungi telefon bimbit salah seorang penumpang pesawat, dan berjaya, tetapi tidak diangkat atau disahut.. ya, memang la, sebab pihak negara XXX lupa nak off henset mamat tu setelah dirampas..

23) (imaginasi saya sahaja) - pada mulanya, pihak yang berunding berusaha untuk cari jalan untuk tutup cerita rampasan ini untuk kepentingan bersama.. mereka cuba membawa ahli keluarga terdekat penumpang untuk berunding di satu tempat rahsia (kemungkinan di nanning).. antaranya, mungkin penumpang yang terlibat terpaksa dipalsukan kematian mereka, dan pihak yang berunding akan cuba untuk membuat seolah-olah pesawat itu benar-benar telah terhempas, tetapi banyak kali kantoi.. banyak kali mereka terpaksa trik balik statement..

24) insyaAllah, sama-sama kita doakan mereka semua masih hidup Mmg dr awal kes hijack Sebab Ukraine dgn Russia tgh berperang Dlm pesawat tu ada 2 org Ukraine, seorg Russian Pengaruh cina dperlukan russia TERKINI ... Ada beberapa aspek berbangkit dlm isu MH370 ... 1) 2 pasport hilang berprofile tinggi dlm bidang askar/ ketenteraan. 2) 4 org China yg mempunyai kepakaran dlm bidang kimia and biologi expert di dalam pesawat. 3) 27 anak Malaysia yg berada di dalam pesawat adalah dari syarikat motorola yg expert dlm it and communication. 4) Boeing 777 sebelum bertolak ke beijing baru kembali dari Pakistan. 5) Pasport 2 org yg hilang tidak di report pada interpol. 6) Semua negara besar telah menghulurkan bantuan kecuali Russia. 7) Boeing 777 boleh terbang lebih dari 11 jam dan boleh sampai di negara lain kerana perjalanan 777 adalah pada waktu malam yg tidak dpt dijangkau ... 8) ID Patrik Gomez perlu dikaji dgn lebih terperinci. 9) MH 370 telah pun dihijack kerana laut sedalam 3km jika crash signal dca masih dapat dikesan. 10) 4 Bilionair China berada di dalam flight tersebut.


Got this from Kapten Norudin (fans?) FB

Read and Think for a moment . Do not make any speculation . True or not ? Wallahua'lam .

Received by e - mail

1 ) whether MAS confidentiality of conversations between intelligence distribution with the control tower to the government , the people of Malaysia and around the world ? why should we hide ? are afraid because security is too lax ? why after an hour more aircraft disappeared from the radar , but they are still communicating with the aircraft ? what the content of their conversations ?

2 ) radar for commercial purposes is not as advanced as for military purposes .. the radar jammer from the black market would be enough to " get rid " of aircraft from radar control menar earrings

3 ) after " remove " the aircraft from the radar , the aircraft reverts to the destination distribution ( destination I'm not sure where ) , the aircraft continued to hover in the air malaysia, ie at the Titiwangsa Mountains for over an hour while still " negotiating " with control tower ..

4 ) Why can not the effects of malaysia defense aircraft while hovering in the air Titiwangsa Mountains ? because there we are weakest air defense ..

5 ) negotiations with the control tower failed after 2 hours .. spy XXX disconnect with the control tower in earrings .. XXX spy planes continue to fly to the location of distribution

6 ) I use the term " intelligence " as the hijacker is not a terrorist but a spy from the distribution ( between major world powers ) .. that's why until now no plea and claims in the media .. all are in private talks between the leaders of great ..

7 ) when the aircraft moves to the location distribution , the spies suddenly change lanes , and aircraft available to fly in the Malacca strait , heading north ( thailand ) .. Currently, Malaysia 's air defense radar can detect the presence of foreign aircraft ( for air defense malaysia in the Straits of malacca is better on the east coast and the Main Range ) ..

8 ), but the defense still clueless about this hijacking , because the control tower NEVER LETS THE GOVERNMENT AND THE MINISTRY PERTAHAAN

9 ) plane heading straight .. thailand thailand learned and continue to inform the entire military , including air bases belonging to the american in thailand ( secret location )

10 ) when the thailand trying to contact MAS , the intelligence distribution trying to fool by saying they lost .. jet aircraft american trying to intercept and shoot the plane , but intelligence distribution dn tried to negotiate with american thailand

11 ) during negotiations in Nanning Malaysian government did not know about this .. but through national negotiations XXX, YYY , ZZZ , and perhaps some other countries

12 ) the new MAS MH370 inform the general plane disappeared completely after the plane landed in Beijing confirmed no ( more 7am ) .. why very slow MAS want to confirm ? You remember the Prowler to play ?

13 ) during the time that the government and the whole world know malaysia shock by this news .. due to lack of information from the MAS (aircraft suddenly lost , nothing is any indication ) the SAR government to start a bit slow ..

14 ) I am not sure how long the new leader of Malaysia told the truth by the XXX, YYY and ZZZ .. DS Najib only by arahaan from the XXX, YYY , and ZZZ to collect the victim's family , look there , look here , do then do this .. but it seems now that they are informed ..

15 ) NOTHING HAPPENED IN SOUTH CHINA SEA .. no .. all the so-called discovery of debris , oil patch , navy claim from XYZ country supposedly have met is dead etc. ..... I'm not sure and not afraid to make assumptions sure .. negara2 superpower already send their military fleet in the area where the plane supposedly crashed

16 ) malaysia and other countries that " do not know anything " to continue the search for our military .. just noticed they have the effect of foreign aircraft in the Straits of Malacca (did I remind them hahahaha ) then they continue to search the Malacca strait , because assuming they last that is where the aircraft tracking malaysia

17 ) when the jet american almost intercept MAS in thailand, intelligence distribution consultation with american country to " let go" of the aircraft and inform the aircraft is a commercial aircraft and 200 more passengers mengandugi 19 ) american agree , there may be a weird why the USA can agree with simple .. because it iS NOT TERRORIST intelligence but of the distribution .. the american informed of this incident to the distribution , and the distribution confirm it .. at first american demand the plane landed in Thailand , but had to accede to the demand distribution spies landed in Nanning Nanning .. why ? I did not want to elaborate more ..

18 ) shortened the story, when it landed in Nanning , Nanning MH370 landing should be kept secret, but leaked also by some airport officials are not notified in advance of an emergency landing as well as the distribution .. SECRET MISSION story eventually landing in Nanning successful MH370 distorted as a hoax

19 ) any content negotiation ? avoid THIRD WORLD WAR

20 ) during the negotiations, the distribution has threatened to launch a third world war if their mission was leaked .. the YYY , ZZZ and some other countries ( I believe Malaysia is not involved in the negotiations ) have agreed

21 ) so , what is the purpose of the aircraft dihijack ? actually hijack the only backup plan if the identity of the distribution of intelligence and operations he successfully tracked by spies from other countries that also are in the airplane .. yesterday I have exposed one of the YA3189197 spy passport number , passport owner 's name is Luigi miraldi , but found this passport is stolen passport ( country so fast they cover story )

22 ) I read the news from china , in which the family members tried to call the mobile phone one of the passengers of the aircraft, and successful , but not lifted or he answered .. yes, indeed la , because the state distribution forgot to mamat tu henset off after hijacked. .

23 ) ( just my imagination ) - at first, negotiators strive to find a way to cover the story for the benefit of the spoils .. they try to bring immediate family members of passengers to negotiate in a secret place (probably in Nanning ) .. among others , passengers involved may have faked their deaths, and negotiators will try to make as if the plane really crashed , but many times kantoi .. many times they had to trick statement back ..

24 ) God willing , together we pray they all still live MMG early dr hijack case why Ukraine with Russia pm In home war planes have 2 org tu Ukrainian , Russian influence seorg china russia LATEST dperlukan ... There are some aspects of the issues arising viewed MH370 . .. 1 ) 2 passport lost high berprofile viewed area soldier / military . 2 ) 4 org China rife viewed expertise and biological chemistry expert in aircraft. 3 ) YG 27 Malaysians on board the aircraft are from the motorola YG viewed it and communication expert . 4 ) Boeing 777 before heading to Beijing recently returned from Pakistan . 5 ) Passport 2 people may be missing is the report on the Interpol . 6 ) All major countries have provided assistance except Russia. 7 ) Boeing 777 can fly more than 11 hours and can be reached in other countries because travel is at night 777 yg dpt reach ... 8 ) Patrik ID Gomez should be studied with more detail. 9 ) MH 370 has already dihijack for deep sea 3km if DCA crash signal can still be detected . 10 ) 4 China 's billionaires are in the flight .


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