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Ancient Alien Theory

According to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations and forever changing the course of human history. But how did this concept develop, and is there any evidence to support it?

Ancient alien theory grew out of the centuries-old idea that life exists on other planets, and that humans and extraterrestrials have crossed paths before. The theme of human-alien interaction was thrust into the spotlight in the 1960s, driven by a wave of UFO sightings and popular films like 2001: A Space Odyssey (< link to watch the 2001: A Space Odyssey online or scroll down). The space program played no small part in this as well: If mankind could travel to other planets, why couldn't extraterrestrials visit Earth?

In 1968, the Swiss author Erich von Däniken published "Chariots of the Gods?" , which became an immediate bestseller. In it, he put forth his hypothesis that, thousands of years ago, space travelers from other planets visited Earth, where they taught humans about technology and influenced ancient religions. He is regarded by many as the father of ancient alien theory, also known as the ancient astronaut theory.

Most ancient alien theorists, including von Däniken, point to two types of evidence to support their ideas. The first is ancient religious texts in which humans witness and interact with gods or other heavenly beings who descend from the sky—sometimes in vehicles resembling spaceships—and possess spectacular powers. The second is physical specimens such as artwork depicting alien-like figures and ancient architectural marvels like Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt.

If aliens visited Earth in the past, could they make an appearance in the future? For ancient alien theorists, the answer is a resounding yes. They believe that, by sharing their views with the world, they can help prepare future generations for the inevitable encounter that awaits them.

Evidence found for space created DNA - Its been speculated for years that the molecules found in meteorites that carry genetic instructions - the building blocks for life - were created during their epic flight to their new home, Earth. Recent scientific analysis supports the claims. Credit: NASA/GSFC | Read more

Chariots of the Gods

Chariots of the Gods (German: Erinnerungen an die Zukunft) is a 1970 West German documentary film directed by Harald Reinl. It is based on Erich von Däniken's book "Chariots of the Gods?", theorizing that extraterrestrials impacted early human life. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.


In search of ancient astronauts

This is an extremely rare TV re-edit of Harald Reinl's "Chariots of the Gods", based on the book by Erich Von Daniken, produced by Alan Landsburg, and narrated by the one and only Rod Serling. This was a sort of pilot for the later "In Search Of" television series (which was narrated by Leonard Nimoy). Short but sweet! SUBTERRANEAN CINEMA RARE FILM MEGASITE http://subcin.com THE SUBTERRANEAN COLLECTION http://subcin.com/subvid.html

Mysteries of the Gods - Narrated by William Shatner. 1976

This is a full length 1976 documentary portraying the ancient astronaut theories of Swiss-born researcher Erich von Däniken, who wrote "Chariots of the Gods". The film is hosted and narrated by William Shatner. Everything from the Peruvian Crystal Skull to the megalith structures in the jungles of Southeast Asia is accepted as evidence for the Ancient Astronauts theory. Cave drawings, old legends, Biblical stories and even some psychic visions of Jeane Dixon are presented as stone cold facts. Eric von Däniken's reputation was still quite unspoiled at the time so all the arguments (even the most far-fetched) are shown with great confidence.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All copyrighted materials contained herein belong to their respective copyright holders, I do not claim ownership over any of these materials. I realize no profit, monetary or otherwise, from the exhibition of these videos.

A History Channel Documentary

SEASON 1, 2, 3 and 4 (+Extra's)


Ancient Aliens: The Series - S01E01 The Evidence

A look at some of the possible evidence that aliens made contact with primitive humans, such as the Indian Sanskrit texts from around 300 BC that describe details of flying machines called Vimanas; Egyptian megaliths showing precision cutting work; and the Jewish Zohar writings which describe a "manna machine" that is strangely similar to chlorella algae processing of today.

Ancient Aliens: The Series - S01E02 The Visitors

A look at legendary evidence of alien visitation from around the globe, such as the galactic knowledge of the Dogon people who claim was given to them by a star god; the legends of the Hopi and Zuni who celebrate Kachinas (or "gods from the sky") with headdress that resemble modern space helmets; and the Chinese legend of Huangdi, a Han leader who came to Earth on a yellow dragon which may have been a metaphor for a spaceship.

Ancient Aliens: The Series - S01E03 The Mission Ancient

A look into the possible evidence that extraterrestrials have a mission plan for Earth and mankind; from the Sumerian tablets that described the Anunnaki, a race of creatures that came to Earth to mine gold; to Egyptian hieroglyphs that depict hybrid creatures, part man/part animal; to the mysterious crystal skulls and crop circles that may contain messages mankind has yet to decipher.

Aliens: The Series - S01E04 Closer Encounters

A look at some examples of possible alien encounters that have been documented in various historical texts, such as the 13th century book Otia Imperialia, which details a sighting of a strange creature descending from a flying craft over Bristol, England; the log entries of Christopher Columbus during his voyage to the Americas of strange lights in the sky; cigar-shaped craft seen over Europe during the Black Plague, and Medieval art that depicts disc-shaped objects floating in the heavens.

Ancient Aliens: The Series - S01E05 The Return

A look at possible alien contact events during the 20th century, such as the Battle of Los Angeles in 1942 and the Roswell UFO Incident in 1947; the recent attempts by man to make contact with extraterrestrial life through the SETI  project; and what would happen if aliens answered back; what protocols exist to determine who would speak on behalf of mankind, and how we would communicate.



Ancient Aliens: The Series - S02E01
Mysterious Places

A look at locations around the Earth that are considered UFO "hot spots" of activity — such as the Bermuda Triangle, where many ships and planes seem to vanish; Mexico's "Zone of Silence," an area that naturally disrupts radio waves; the ruins of Peru's Puerta de Hayu Marka, which are said to contain a portal to another world; and Markawasi Plateau, which is covered with rock formations allegedly left behind by ancient extraterrestrials.

Ancient Aliens: The Series - S02E02 Gods & Aliens

A look at various legends about powerful gods and fearsome monsters that have amazing similarities between different cultures separated by vast distances, and may be eyewitness accounts of alien visitations. Also discussed are tales of gods interacting with humans, imparting wisdom and technology, and impregnating women to create demigods who may have been the offspring of human/alien unions.

Ancient Aliens: The Series - S02E03 Underwater Worlds

A look at underwater ruins of unknown civilizations, such as the recently discovered temples under Lake Titicaca in Peru that local legends say were underwater bases for UFOs; the mysterious 600-foot stepped stone structure off the coast of Japan that may predate the Pyramids of Giza; ancient Indian texts known as Sangams that describe sunken cities where humans and aliens mingled; the legendary tale of the lost city of Atlantis, and other secrets buried under the oceans.

Ancient Aliens: The Series - S02E04 Underground Aliens

This episode theorizes that various underground places may have been extraterrestrial lairs; such as a lost cave in Ecuador said to hold metal tablets containing alien knowledge; the underground city of Derinkuyu in Turkey; Native American legends of "inner-earth" beings; and rumors of a secret U.S. Military-base supposedly built alongside aliens inside the Archuleta Mesa near Dulce, New Mexico.

Ancient Aliens: The Series - S02E05 Aliens and the Third Reich

This episode speculates that Nazi Germany had experimented with advanced alien technology and built flying machines; such as the Haunebu and the Die Glocke (The Bell); and rumors that some of this technology may have made its way to the United States and helped jump start the Apollo program.

Ancient Aliens: The Series - S02E06 Alien Tech Ancient

This episode proposes that some advanced weapon technologies currently in development, such as laser and sonic weapons, are rediscovered technologies used by advanced beings in the past. Also discussed are theories that aliens provided gravity manipulation devices to help man construct colossal stone structures around the world.

Aliens: The Series - S02E07 Angels and Aliens

This episode looks at various stories of angelic visitations that to some ancient astronaut theorists read more like alien encounters than divine appearances, and suggests they are not supernatural beings, but visitors from distant planets.


Ancient Aliens: The Series - S02E08 Unexplained Structures

This episode suggests that various sites around the world; such as Göbekli Tepe in Turkey; the Incan ruins of Sacsayhuamán in Peru; the Carnac stones of France; and Zorats Karer in Armenia, show construction techniques and mathematical concepts that were not believed to have been known at the time, and that this knowledge was gained from alien visitors.
Ancient Aliens: The Series - S02E09 Alien Devastations

This episode surmises that aliens may have caused various disasters, as depicted in the Bible and other texts, or even tried to warn man of them; such as Noah of the Great Flood. Also proposed is that some disasters ushered changes in human evolution and that our leaps in technology over the centuries were achieved with alien help.

Ancient Aliens S02E10 Alien Messengers

This episode proposes that extraterrestrials may have contacted various humans throughout history, such as Moses and Joan of Arc, to help guide and inspire them to achieve great things; or to pass on important messages for humanity; such as a supposed binary message given to a UFO-contactee during the 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident who believes it is the coordinates to a mythical island called Hy-Brazil.



Ancient Aliens: The Series - S03E01
- Aliens and The Old West HQ

Ancient Astronaut theorists believe aliens have been visiting earth for thousands of years. If so, might we find evidence of this even in the stories of America's Old West? In Aurora, Texas, the local cemetery claims to hold the body of an alien whose ship crashed there in 1897. In Utah, petroglyphs depict strange beings wearing what look like space suits. In southern California, 19th century ranchers reported seeing an otherworldly creature emerge from Elizabeth Lake. And even in Tombstone, Arizona, the home of Wyatt Earp and the site of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, cowboys claimed to have shot at a giant, metallic bird Are these simply campfire tales, or did the cowboys and native people of America's Wild West actually come in contact with alien beings from another--much more distant--frontier?


Ancient Aliens - Aliens and Monsters (S03E02)

This episode examines Hindu scriptures that describe a creature called the Garuda which shook the ground when it landed. Also theorized are that the legends of humanoid creatures, such as the Centaur, Minotaur and Medusa, may have been encounters with beings created through alien animal/human hybrid experimentation.


Ancient Aliens - Aliens And Sacred Places (S03E03)

This episode suggests that some of mankind's most sacred places; such as Jerusalem's Temple Mount; the Kaaba stone at the Islam shrine in Mecca, and the temple at Baalbek in Lebanon which was built on a "landing pad-like" rock, were points of contact by alien beings.

Ancient Aliens Season 3 Episode 4 - Aliens and Temples of Gold HQ [Full]


Ancient Aliens SE 3 EP5 - "Aliens and Mysterious Rituals"

Throughout the world, ancient rites and rituals are believed to connect humans to another dimension. But just who were we communicating with? Could today's rituals (festivals, coronations, funerals etc.) be based on early man's attempts to emulate ETs? AND IF SO, what other ancient rituals find their original roots not in this world?

Ancient Aliens - Aliens and Ancient Engineers (S03E06)

This episode suggests that several ancient sites were built with help from aliens. Examples given are the ruins of Ollantaytambo in Peru, (an Inca city believed built atop a far older and more advanced-built fortress); the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico, (which use heat and radiation shielding Mica in their engineering); the temples of Vijayanagara in India, (suggested to have been designed to tap into cosmic energy); the temples of Karnak in Egypt, (which show symmetrical and precision sculpting believed unobtainable by primitive hand tools); and the ancient ruins on Malta, (whose designs seems to have incorporated an acoustic energy technology)

Ancient Aliens - Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics S03E07

This episode suggests that some plagues and diseases were brought on by pathogens of extraterrestrial origin. Examples given are sudden pandemics such as the Spanish Influenza, the Plague of Athens, the Justinian Plague and the Black Plague, which were accompanied by reports of unusual celestial phenomena, and the appearance of strange creatures and objects in the sky; ancient carvings of figures dressed in what are suggested to be hazmat suits; unexplained illnesses that have appeared after meteor impacts, NASA experiments with bacteria and extremophiles that can survive in the extreme conditions of space; and the recent appearance of unusual medical conditions such as Morgellons Disease.

Ancient Aliens - Aliens and Lost Worlds S03E08

Mysterious legends and crumbling ruins are all that is left of our planet's lost worlds. But could there be proof of ancient alien visitors hidden among the artifacts of civilizations that have long vanished? Strange carvings suggest the Mayan city of Copan was ruled by the descendants of otherworldly beings. And some believe the ancient Nazca people altered their bodies--and their lands--to signal the star gods to return. Are the astounding accomplishments of lost civilizations merely the products of ancient folklore--or could they have been something... out of this world?

Ancient Aliens - Aliens and Deadly Weapons S03E09


Ancient Aliens - Aliens And Evil Places S03E10

This episode examines various places on Earth that are associated with evil and death, and suggests that they may have otherworldly connections, such as being dumping grounds for dangerous alien waste material or containing portals to other realms. Featured are Japan's Aokigahara "Suicide Forest" near Mt. Fuji, where countless people have gone to die; Russia's remote Mt. Otorten "Mountain of Death" where in 1959, nine hikers were found burned and mutilated by an undetermined cause; Australia's Black Mountain (Kalkajaka) where people have mysteriously disappeared in the area, and the "Valley of the Dead" at Yakutia, Russia, where unexplained deaths and illnesses are attributed to a possible underground alien base.

For thousands of years, there have been places around the world considered dangerous to humans. Might these locations hold the key to an otherworldly connection? At Australia's Black Mountains, local myths speak of ancient serpent gods and hikers disappearing. Every year hundreds are drawn to a dark forest at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan--to commit suicide. What causes these places to be evil? Could there be evidence that past extraterrestrial activity lead to the negative energy in Earth's evil places?

Ancient Aliens - Aliens And The Founding Fathers [S03E11]

What is the meaning behind secret messages found throughout Washington, D.C.? Did America's Founding Fathers know something about ancient aliens that the general public did not? And if so, could this knowledge have been incorporated into the symbols, architecture, and even the founding documents of the United States of America?

Ancient Aliens - Aliens And Deadly Cults [S03E12]

Mass suicides. Human sacrifices. Unholy rituals. Throughout history, people have claimed to have otherworldly knowledge, and have led followers to commit horrific acts of violence. Are they con men? Are they insane? Or might the voices in their heads really be of an extraterrestrial origin? And if so, did they simply misinterpret the messages they received? Or might there be extraterrestrials with a sinister agenda?

Ancient Aliens - Aliens And The Secret Code [S03E13]

Megalithic monuments linked together by electromagnetic energy... Prehistoric ruins arranged across vast distances in straight lines... And advanced mathematics carved into landmarks more than 5000 years ago. Were ancient man's spectacular structures built by humans alone? Or do they bear evidence of being designed--and interconnected--by otherworldly visitors?

Ancient Aliens - Aliens And The Undead [S03E14]

This episode discusses the possibility of life after death, the beliefs associated with it in various cultures and raises the question of whether certain rituals can be attributed to ancient aliens.

Zombies rising from their graves... Blood sucking vampires damned for all eternity... and humans trapped in a life and death struggle between heaven and hell. For thousands of years, mankind has told tales of encounters with strange, soulless creatures. Are these beliefs merely manmade fabrications--or could there be extraterrestrial origins in earthly encounters with the undead?

Ancient Aliens - Aliens, Gods And Heroes [S03E15]

Ancient Aliens - Aliens And The Creation Of Man [S03E16]

This episode asks why humans are so different from other lifeforms on Earth, and proposes that advances in human evolution were the work of interstellar beings.

Why are humans so different from every other species on Earth? Did we evolve from ape--or is our intelligence the result of contact with an otherworldly source? Could unexplained advances in human evolution be the work of interstellar beings? 10,000-year-old petroglyphs link our ancient ancestors with star beings. Might evidence of alien contact help unlock the mystery of the Creation of Man?


Ancient Aliens Season 4 Episode 1 Mayan Conspiracy

Ancient Aliens Season 4 Episode 2 Doomsday Prophechies

Ancient Aliens Season 4 Episode 3 - The Greys

Ancient Aliens Season 4 Episode 4 - Mega Disasters

Ancient Aliens Season 4 Episode 5 - The NASA Connection

Ancient Aliens Season 4 Episode 6 - The Mystery of Puma Punku

The mysteries of the Puma Punku ruins in South America are explored. Investigators tap into forensic evidence and computer tests to study whether aliens may have inhabited this sophisticated complex.

This episode investigates Bolivia's 14,000 year-old Puma Punku ruins where an ancient civilization constructed sophisticated and intricately carved blocks that inter-lock together, and suggests the site was not built and inhabited by humans, but by advanced extraterrestrials.

Ancient Aliens Season 4 Episode 7 - Aliens and Bigfoot

Ancient Aliens - Season 4 Episode 8 - The Da Vinci Conspiracy

Leonardo da Vinci's paintings and sketches are examined in search of a possible connection to alien technology.
Might an examination of Leonardo Da Vinci's masterful paintings, highly technical hand-drawn sketches, and private journals reveal knowledge of otherworldly technology and extraterrestrial beings?

ANCIENT ALIENS: The Time Travelers | S04E09

This episode suggests that some alleged alien encounters and UFO sightings may be of beings from Earth's future traveling in time machines, and that these same beings could have posed as ancient aliens in the distant past.

Is it possible that sightings of alien beings or UFOs may actually be evidence of time travelers from the future? And might ancient astronauts actually be time travelers from our future? Scientists explore the theoretical possibility of time travel. How can it be achieved? And what might people from 10,000 years in the future look like?


More to come ..

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Ancient Aliens:
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Chariots of the Gods


The Pyramid Code
is a documentary series of 5 episodes that explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in Egypt as well as ancient megalithic sites around the world looking for clues to matriarchal consciousness, ancient knowledge and sophisticated technology in a Golden Age. The series is based on the extensive research done in 23 trips to Egypt and 50 other countries around the world by Dr. Carmen Boulter in the Graduate Division of Educational Research at the University of Calgary.

The Pyramid Code features interviews with prominent scholars and authors in multidisciplinary fields: geology, physics, astrophysics, archaeology, bilogical engineering, magnetic field theory, hieroglyphics, and Egyptology. The series explores penetrating questions:

  • Who were the ancients and what did they know?
  • Could the pyramids be much older than traditional Egyptology would have us believe?
  • Could it be that the ancients were more technologically advanced than we are today?
  • Why do we have so little understanding of the ancient Egyptians?
  • Are there still secrets hidden in plain sight?
  • Do new discoveries force the issue of establishing a new chronology?
  • Are there little known sites that provide clues to a new understanding of our distant past?
  • Are we really the most advanced civilization to ever live on Earth?

    More info: http://www.pyramidcode.com/

Episode 1 - The Band of Peace Episode 1 - The Band of Peace: This episode raises questions about the purpose of the pyramids challenging the story traditional Egyptology tells. See rare footage of 6 distinct pyramid sites near the Great Pyramid with evidence of superior technology and sophisticated knowledge of science and the cosmos.

Episode 2: High Level Technology
Episode 2: High Level Technology:
In this episode, evidence that the ancient Egptians used high level technology to construct pyramids and temples is shown. Scientists discuss the source of this power and its applications in the ancient world. Our science is just beginning to grasp what the ancients clearly understood long ago.

Episode 3: Sacred Cosmology
Episode 3: Sacred Cosmology:
Deciphering the meaning of strange symbols in Egyptian art gives insight into the ancient's knowledge of sacred cosmology. A new way of interpreting hieroglyphics is presented indication the ancients had sopisticated understanding of physics, biology, and celestial mechanics. A team goes on an expedition into the open desert in search of a remote site of extreme antiquity called Nabta Playa . Here, neolithic stone circles were found marking the motion of the same stars as were tracked in pharonic civilization. The possible connection is discussed.

Episode 4: The Empowered Human
Episode 4: The Empowered Human:
The Empowered Human proposes that the pyramid builders were living in a Golden Age, they had more refined senses, experienced higher levels of consciousness which gave them superior abilities than we have today. The sacred feminine was honored and existed in balance with the sacred masculine.

Episode 5: The New Chronology
Episode 5: The New Chronology:
After examining the evidence presented in the series, it seems clear that the dates given by traditional Egyptology do not fit. Carefully considering cycles of time through the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron Ages of Plato's Great Year, a new chronology is emerging that illumines ancient Egypt.

The Secret Caves of Giza

Beneath the pyramids of Egypt lies a lost underworld of catacombs, hewn chambers and cave tunnels that have remained unexplored for hundreds of years. They are alluded to in ancient texts and Arab legends, but have been left unexplored until today. They have now been rediscovered and investigated for the first time. What exactly does this subterranean realm tell us about the pyramids, their relationship to the stars and the mythical origins of Egyptian civilization? Discover for yourself as we explore the "Lost Caves of Giza."


Ancient Alien Pyramid Mystery

90 Minutes Feature Length - Join David Hatcher Childress in Egypt where he meets up with British engineer Christopher Dunn. Together they explore the Giza area, going to ancient pyramid sites, underground catacombs and megalithic quarries not usually visited by tourists. Here they examine saw marks, advanced lifting and moving techniques found at the Giza Plateau, Abu Rawash, Abu Garab, and the underground catacombs of the Serapeum and other areas. Finally Dunn explains his theory of the Giza Power Plant and his view that the pyramids at Giza were originally part of a plan to "drive the earth into harmony." A mind-blowing look at solid evidence for extraordinary ancient technology


Ancient Aliens: Chariots, Gods and Beyond

What if life on Earth began in outer space? Millions of people accept the theory that intelligent life forms visited Earth thousands of years ago and were worshiped as gods by primitive man. Are monuments like Stonehenge and Easter Island the last remains of an ancient alien visitation? From unexplainable super structures, to knowledge of the solar system, mathematics, and even the ability to make electricity, this special explores evidence of super-human influences on ancient man and embarks on an around-the-world search for answers. It's an investigation into a theory some believe cannot be true, but many agree cannot be ignored.

UFO Files: Ancient Aliens

Go to the limits of human experience...and beyond. From the fringes of the galaxy to our own backyards, the UFO FILES searches for evidence of life beyond our world. Tracing the long, convoluted history of UFO encounters and research, this unique series opens new windows into the controversial field.

Since the dawn of time, stargazers have looked to the sky wondering if earth has had heavenly visitors. Scientists investigate ancient ruins, artifacts, and texts from around the world exploring the possibility of previous extraterrestrial visits and the plausibility of future stopovers!

In modern times, the first UFO was reported in 1947. But many people believe that aliens have been among us for thousands of years. And for evidence, they point to certain ancient texts and monuments. Do they, in fact, tell the story of extraterrestrial contact eons ago?

Join the worlds leading UFO experts including the authors of the bestselling Alien Identities and Fingerprints of the Gods for an extraordinary investigation that journeys through human history in search of evidence of alien contact. Why do so many structures, from different societies worldwide, seem to point towards the same spot in the skies? What other possible explanation is there for the frequent references to strange flying objects in ancient texts? Do some clues point to the presence of aliens among the ancients themselves?

With dramatic re-creations, footage from around the world and inspired scholarship, ANCIENT ALIENS attempts to uncover the truth.

Ancient History 2012

Ancient Aliens In Central America

In this third installment in the Ancient Technology series, join David Hatcher Childress in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico as he searches for evidence of high technology in the ancient past. Going to ancient cities and megalithic sites, David and friends examine evidence of ancient technology that is simply mind-blowing! David and his team check out the giant stone balls in Costa Rica, and move on to examine the mysterious megalithic statues on a remote island in Nicaragua. Then they continue to the colossal basalt heads of the Olmecs in Mexico. Did the Olmecs have power tools?

UFO Files - The day After Roswell - Season 2 Ep 5

Mysterious World: Search for Ancient Technology

Directed by Erich Von Daniken


UFOTV Presents
Ancient Aliens - The Cygnus Mystery

Go on a voyage of discovery that leads from the oldest known temple in the world to a prehistoric cave map, to a common belief shared by key ancient cultures, all of which were aware of the star system Cygnus' unique place in the cosmos - and it's significance as the spirit path to heaven. Most surprising is the fact that the Ancient Advanced cultures of the past were aware of cosmic rays emanating from Cygnus, and for their being the spark which ignited evolution - the same spark which continues to alter our DNA right through to the present day.

Sumerians and the Anunnaki. Presentation By Zecharia Sitchin (FULL)

This is a Presentation by the late and Great Zecharia Sitchin about his over 70 years of reseach. Zecharia Sitchin (July 11, 1920 -- October 9, 2010) was an Azerbaijani-born American author of books promoting an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. Sitchin attributes the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he states was a race of extra-terrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. He believed this hypothetical planet of Nibiru to be in an elongated, elliptical orbit in the Earth's own Solar System, asserting that Sumerian mythology reflects this view. Sitchin's books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 26 languages

The Official Website of Zecharia Sitchin
Zecharia Sitchin - Wikipedia

Ancient Aliens In Mexico and the American Southwest

In this installment of the Ancient Technology series, join David Hatcher Childress in northern Mexico and the American Southwest as he searches for evidence of high technology in the ancient past. Going to ancient cities, pyramids and megalithic sites, David and his investigative team examine evidence of mind-blowing ancient technology! David and his team check out the ancient cities around the Grand Canyon and the alleged Egyptian catacombs, investigate the ancient concrete canals in central Arizona and continue to the megaliths of the ancient Toltec capital, Tula, and the pyramids at Teotihuacan and end up inside the Great Pyramid of Cholula.

Ancient Aliens - Stonehenge & Beyond - Full Feature

Discover powerful evidence that links Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury and many other mystical locations throughout England to ancient advanced technology and an advanced ancient order that had a direct connection with Atlantis. Travel along a set of prehistoric "tracks" that run hundreds of miles through the English countryside - evidence of a highly developed science that was capable of engineering the construction of incredibly inspiring structures, using massive stones weighing thousands of pounds, that continue to radiate their sacred energies to this day. Based on the discoveries of Cambridge-trained scholar and author John Michell, this program reveals a startling new version of the roots of civilization. Join host Doug Kenyon, editor, Atlantis Rising Magazine, as he takes us on location in England to explore some of the great mysteries of mankind.

Out of the Blue - Military Disclosure Has Begun - National Press Club LIVE 01:36:26

Join us for a truly historic event. At the National Press Club in Washington D.C., an unprecedented gathering of top military and government officials from around the world met LIVE before members of the Press to present to the public alarming facts about UFOs and an extraterrestrial presence now engaging the planet Earth. This presentation provides LIVE coverage of that historic press conference. In attendance for this shocking, Earth shattering event includes former Governor of Arizona - Fife Symington; Belgian Airforce Major General, Ret. - Wilfried De Brouwer; Engineer, Astronomer and Astrophysicist - Dr. Claude Poher; Captain, Air France, Ret. - Jean-Charles Duboc; French Astrophysicist - Dr. Jean-Claude Ribes; General, Iranian Airforce, Ret. - Parviz Jafari; Captain, Army of Chile - Rodrigo Bravo Garrido; Commander, Peruvian Airforce, Ret. Oscar Santa Maria Huertas; Founding Member of the Peruvian Airforce Office of Investigation of Anomalous Ariel Phenomena (OIFAA) - Dr. Anthony Choy; Captain, Aurigny Airlines, UK - Ray Bowyer; Officer, British Ministry of Defense, Ret. - Nick Pope; Sgt. United States Airforce, Ret. - James Penniston; Col. United States Airforce, Ret. - Charles Halt; and Division Chief of the Accident Evaluations and Investigations Division of the FAA, Washington D.C., Ret. - John Callahan.

This event was produced by Filmmaker James Fox. His award winning feature film "Out of the Blue" - is coming to DVD in a new special anniversary edition on 8/30/2011 from UFOTV. It's loaded with bonus features and interviews including this press conference.

Out of the Blue - The Definitive Investigation of the UFO Phenomenon - 2 DVD Special Edition, Cat# U81112, Loaded with Bonu
s Features and Interviews - For more information, go to http://www.UFOTV.com .

The day before Disclosure

The Day Before Disclosure is a film documenting the growing awareness and the build up to what can potentially be the single, most important event in human history -- the day the UFO and ET presence becomes a world wide accepted reality.

This is the story of the witnesses that was laughed at, the researchers and reporters that wasn't believed and the governmental and military personnel that were sworn to silence. A story that alters the foundation of everything you thought you knew, and takes you along for a ride all the way from the darkest abyss of living nightmares, through to the brightest hope for the future of humanity.

This is the greatest story in human history.

This upload is intended as educational and non profit. All credits, read further:

Features: Steven Greer, Edgar Mitchell, Steve Basset, Robert Dean, Budd Hopkins, Barbara Lamb, David Jacobs, Richard Dolan, Stanton Friedman, Peter Robbins, Jim Marrs, Nadine Lalich, Elaine, Michael Salla, Milton Torres, Wendelle Stevens, Paola Harris, Nick Pope, Miriam Delicado, Linda Moulton Howe, Robert Hastings, Dr Roger Leir

Company: New Paradigm Films
Director: Terje Toftenes
Producer: Truls Toftenes, Ragnhild Løken, Terje Toftenes
Music: Rover


"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use."

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